Greetings from sunny Florida!  I’m Christine, the creator of Bark Avenue Couture.  Finn & I are happy you're here!  We hope that you find something amazing for your pup.  Here at Bark Avenue Couture, we have everything you need to spoil your dog!!  

Finn pals around with Shadow and Whiskey, our other 2 family dogs and they all love to be spoiled.  Actually, it's me...I love spoiling them, but I'm pretty sure they kind of like it too!  So many of the items for dogs I found online and elsewhere weren’t the quality I wanted to purchase.  I’m a crafter at heart and that includes sewing, so I took to the sewing machine to make our pups some quality couture!  Well, they were a hit, just ask Shadow, Whiskey & Finn!  Soon, I was also making bandanas for friends and family, their pups needed spoiling too!  And that is how Bark Avenue Couture came to be, a brand dedicated to high-quality pet accessories for all pups, because why shouldn’t your pups be spoiled too! 

Our bandanas are hand-crafted and made-to-order, in the USA, for each and every pup, by me.  I love creating things and the fact that I get to create something for the special pups in your life too, it truly makes my heart smile!  We feature high-quality bandanas for your pups and will be adding lots more to our product line soon, so stay tuned for bow ties and more!  We also partner with some of the finest dog toy manufacturers, many of which are made here in the USA, because quality is important to me and my brand.  So treat your pup to a bandana that matches their personality.  You can even personalize it with their name!  Once you receive your product, send us a picture.  I'd love to see your smiling pups sporting their Bark Avenue Couture!  Life is short...spoil your pup!

Tell your dog I said hi!