Greetings from sunny Florida!  I’m Christine, the creator of Bark Avenue Couture and this is Finn, my sweet rescue puppy.  Finn & I are so happy you're here!  We hope that you find something amazing for your pup and yourself too!  Here at Bark Avenue Couture, we have everything you need to spoil your dog!!  

Whatever season you’re in, you’re here because you likely have a furry BFF. Whether that 4-legged fluff of sweetness is your family's pet or maybe they were the best impulse decision ever, as you approached the empty-nester season.  Either way, you’re a dog mom and you LOVE your dog!  

As a young mom, raising 3 humans, I never thought of myself as a “dog mom”.  I remember when my kids so desperately wanted a dog.  I thought, did I really want to add a dog to that season of motherhood?  I didn't think so, but then we watched this movie, "Hotel for Dogs".  Have you seen that movie??  Our hearts melted and before the credits finished rolling, "Operation:  Win Mom Over" began. You know, the well-thought out plea where they promised to be "responsible" and take care of everything for said dog and none of it would fall on me.  Lol...they got me, hook, line and sinker!  Of course, we got the dog (again,have you seen that movie?).  In that season, I was a mom of 3 young kids and the "caretaker" of "their" dog...and life was good!

As for me and my season now?  Well, my kids are grown, so I've embraced being a dog mom too...because who knew you could be both!  My sweet Finn was absolutely an impulse, as we were nearing an almost-empty nest, I found myself on all of the dog rescue sites.  Then I found Finn!  He is different than any dog I’ve ever had. He’s the absolute best dog ever and he may have just been the inspiration behind Bark Avenue Couture.  Oh who am I kidding, of course HE WAS! (along with his pals, Shadow and Whiskey...my grands). 🥰  

The Bark Avenue Couture brand is dedicated to high-quality pet accessories that are both fun and functional and will undoubtedly bring JOY to you and your pup for years to come!  Not to mention, you can't let your dog go nakey!  That's where our dog bandanas come in!  They are handmade in the USA and made-to-order for each and every dog, by me, and you can personalize them too!    

Our mission at Bark Avenue Couture is to foster the bond between you and your fur baby, whatever season of life you are in.  We do this by providing a product line designed especially for you, your dog and soon to be, your home, so you can live your best dog mom life!

As you embrace your dog mom life and accessorize your dog, you can do it with passion and purpose, knowing you are also helping dogs in need.  We believe every dog deserves to find their furever home, and every purchase helps us give back to shelters to help them do just that.

We are so excited to serve you and your pup and would love to see your smiling pups sporting their Bark Avenue Couture dog bandanas.  So, when your order arrives, take a photo and tag us on social media!  Life is short...spoil your dog and whatever you do, don't let them go nakey! #nakeynomore 🐾

Tell your dog I said hi!

Christine xoxoxo